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“Kenyan escorts services? What’s that?” hollers the agitated barmaid as she places her tray of empty bottles on the bar counter and fishes out her order list for the next round.

Ati nini madam?” asks Kim, clearly taken by surprise.

Pole Kim. Si wewe. Najua una bibi. Ni huyu mzungu hapa ananisumbua. Nairobi escorts services ni ndui riu?” she answers him, gathering the unopened bottles of beer on her now empty tray.

“Ha-ha .. oooh! I thought you were talking to me. Nairobi escort ni biz  ya kuuza manenoz. Giki kinyamu ni kiende mani!” comes the reply from a fairly tipsy Kim. They burst into laughter.

“Talk to this guy. He’ll help”, she says to the white man as she leaves to deliver the order. “Lazima akutip. Za macho nitadai” she adds, addressing Kim.

The white man pulls up a chair beside Kim and settles in then asks for four bottles of Heineken. Two for him, two for Kim. He knows how to create a rapport this one.

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Kenya Craigslist escorts listing

Kenya Craigslist escorts listing

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